Maranoa Equestrian Club Inc.

About Our Club

Maranoa Equestrian Club Inc. (MEC) strives to be the leading equestrian group in the Maranoa Region.  MEC aims to facilitate the development of junior and senior riders in the disciplines of Dressage, Show Jumping, Show Horse, Interschool and Eventing.  MEC encourages each and every one of its members to realise their full riding potential and dreams - whether it be riding for pleasure to competing at a national levels. 

MEC holds a number of training days for its members using experienced local and professional coaches.  MEC aims to hold several competitions each year. 


At present MEC is represented by junior and senior members competing in dressage, show horse, show jumping, eventing and interschool disciplines, at local competitions through to national championships.


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MEC is an incorporated association and is an affiliate of Equestrian Queensland.

Maranoa Equestrian Club Inc. 2019 Management Committee:

President:  Yoie Thomas

Secretary:  Carla Cosgrove

Treasurer: Di Edwards

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